Virtual Framing

One of the most impressive and useful high-tech tools at No Naked Walls! is the Integrated Framer Visualization Software. It’s as simple as snapping a picture of the design table along with your artwork, mats and frames and waiting a few seconds to see your virtually framed picture displayed on a large-format flat-screen monitor.

Design Table Layout:

“Island Cove” by Art Fronckowiak with frame and mat samples

“Island Cove” Framed with Sand and Turquoise mats:

"Island Cove" with double mat and copper rope frame

“Island Cove” with double mat and copper rope frame

Watch how the image changes when paired with a different mat:

Accent the sky and water with a lighter mat and frame:

You may view two or four selections side-by-side on the same screen:

Ask to have your favorite images sent via email to show a friend or review in your home.

Here is a slideshow of different frames with the same neutral mats on a photograph of a butterfly. The images were created with our Visualization Software. Notice how small changes alter the feel of the picture. The last image is a screen shot showing all four choices together.

Let No Naked Walls! take the guess-work out: Custom framing has never been easier!

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