Digital Imaging Services

Ron is the digital imaging expert at No Naked Walls. With over forty years of experience in the field of photography, there are few imaging problems he can’t fix.

No Naked Walls can:

-Print your photographs on canvas, paper and specialty papers

-Enlarge or reduce your pictures

-Color correct and enhance your pictures

-Restore old photographs

-Make prints from your original artwork on canvas, paper, and specialty papers

-Create digital files from your originals

-Do miracles in Photoshop (for example, remove unsightly elements in the background of a picture, add or remove people from a picture, fix blemishes, cracks or tears in photographs, etc)

For Artists:

Giclee Reproductions or Pigmented Archival Prints

A giclee (also known as a Pigmented Archival Print) is a high quality archival print on archival paper or canvas. Along with various works of art, photographs can be printed as giclees on canvas or fine art paper.

Before a picture can be printed, a digital file of the image must be created. We offer at least three methods of digitally capturing your image, and the following explains a little bit about the process and pricing. If you’re unsure of what you need, feel free to call or come in for details. Be sure to tell us what your expectations are for the final product. (We’ll handle the file creation differently if you’re in need of a scan to make greeting cards versus planning to print a five foot canvas for your living room)

Panoramic format items may require multiple files seamed together for an additional fee

Restoration and special Photoshop work is available upon request, please bring in your image and explain your special request for a quote

If you would like your signature (or copyright or date) removed from the file, please ask before file is created. Simple Photoshop removal is available at no extra charge

If you would like a white (or colored) border around your image, please ask before placing your order, as the additional border cannot be added after the file is printed

If you would like your name, the title of your work, or any additional text or logos on your prints, please ask before placing your order


Prices subject to change

Price does not include sales tax

Files come with one small, professionally color-balanced proof on Enhanced Matte or Smooth Luster Paper, and can be saved to your USB Flash Drive as a .PSD, .TIF, or .JPG

Further adjustments can be made, and additional proofs on Enhanced Matte or Smooth Luster paper, are available for a nominal fee

Extremely delicate originals (for example chalk pastels) have special requirements and may cost extra

3-Dimensional items, and items with excessive or unusual texture or shine may incur additional charges

We will gladly print from your photographs or files, and proofs on Matte or Luster paper are available for a nominal fee

Slides and negatives can be scanned for reproduction if the original is not available

If you varnish your paintings, consider having the image digitally captured before applying varnish. Glossy finishes interfere with the image capture process (the highlights show up as white spots, even under the best lighting, and the spots must be “painted back in” in Photoshop)

Canvas pricing includes Museum Stretching (with image showing only on the front of canvas, and plain white canvas edges) on images up to 24” x 30” (larger canvases have different requirements depending on proportion and size, and we may be able to discount the stretching if you purchase a frame for the canvas)

Gallery Wrap Stretching* is available at an additional cost, depending on the depth of the bars you select

*Note: If you choose 2” Gallery Wrap Bars, you will lose 2”+ on all four sides of your image. This means that if your picture or painting is 16” x 20”, it will be smaller than 12” x 16” when stretched on 2” bars.  Most images can be specially set up for minimal image loss for a small fee


If your are painting with the intention of selling prints, keep in mind that your images will always look “better” (sharper, with finer detail) if you paint the original larger than you plan to make prints

Originals on lightly tinted paper do not reproduce as well as works on bright white paper

If you are painting on canvas, and planning to make reproductions larger than the original size, keep in mind that the grain, or weave of the canvas may show in the print. Some artists find that extra coat(s) of gesso, along with sanding (if necessary) helps minimize this issue.

If you are trying to work with “standard sizes”, keep ratios in mind. For example, a 16 x 20 has a 4:5 ratio, and will scale down to 8 x 10, or up to 20 x 24, but a 24 x 36 has a 2:3 ratio and scales down to 10 x 15 or 8 x 12 (not 11 x 14)

You can create your own Limited Edition series of prints. You simply have to decide on an edition size and specifications (for example an edition of 100, sized 16 x 20 on Enhanced Matte Paper), and keep track of the number you print, sign and number. (Keeping a notebook can help you remember that you’ve sold 15 prints, and need to number the next one 16/100) If you sell all 100, you do not have to “retire” the image; you can create a new Edition.  For the next series, you may alter the image, choose a different image size, or print the image on different media.

Buyers like to know a little about the artists whose work they collect, and you can create a short Biography or Artist Statement to include on the back of each work you sell. Artists and Photographers can also create a Certificate of Authenticity to accompany each piece they sell; these add value, and are especially appreciated by buyers of Limited Edition Prints.

Giclee Media
Photo paper (Luster) – most accurate and precise representation of the original, with crisp detail, blackest blacks and whitest whites
Watercolor paper (Enhanced Matte) – for a softer effect to reproduce watercolors, pencil drawings, charcoal, pastel, etc., interesting results for photography, too
Canvas – Look imitates original oils and acrylics on canvas, with obvious texture.   Keep in mind these must be stretched for best display

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