Framing Cross Stitches and other Textiles

What a difference a frame makes!

We frame needlework, 100% without glue. Sewing, lacing, and pinning the fabric is much more labor intensive than tapes, glues, and self-adhesive mounting, but in the future, if you wish to re-frame, wash, or make any other changes to the work, our methods are all reversible. Not so with glue! Plus spots of glue can show through the front of the work, and/or change color, especially with age!

Here are two cross stitched pieces mounted onto foamcore and pinned:

Pinned Cross Stitches

And here are the same two pieces triple matted and framed:

Framed Music Cross StitchFramed Piano Cross Stitch

Framing Cross Stitches and other Textiles takes a little more time and effort than works of art on paper, but the extra care we take with them preserves them for years to come!

March Special

Check out our March Specials:

Please ask for the special you’re interested in when placing your order. After your Facebook check-in is verified, we will apply the discount or give you the item for free! We do not do any advertising, your recommendations are the only way we grow!


March 2017 Special


Adding Dimension to Art with Open V-Grooves

Take a look at the matting on this Giclee entitled “Kevin the Green Sea Turtle”, by Artist Justin Giacobbi:


How many mats do you see?

It almost looks like four, but there are really only two, with the added element of an open V-groove. An open V-groove is created by making two additional cuts into the mat, all the way around the artwork, allowing the bottom mat to show through a second time. An open V-groove can be done for a small fee, usually much less than adding a third or fourth mat. That’s a lot of bang for your buck!

An open V-groove is a great element to add if you are trying to make a smaller picture fit into a larger frame, without leaving a lot of “empty” space between the art and the frame. s

If you’d like to see an open V-groove on your next piece of framed art, bring it to No Naked Walls! and for a free virtual preview with our Visualization Software on a 32″ flat-screen.

Giclees of “Kevin” are available framed and unframed at No Naked Walls!

Adding Dimension to Art with Open V-Grooves


Printing photos from phones

At No Naked Walls! we hear this question more than any other: “Can you print a picture I took with my smartphone?” The answer is nearly always yes, but there are a few things you can do to get the best results possible. The three factors that most effect the quality of your photo are file size, lighting, and the way you get the picture to us (email vs text, etc.).

First, if you haven’t already, change the camera settings on your iPhone or other smartphone, and set the image size to the highest resolution, or largest file size possible. Sometimes your default setting will be to a smaller file size to conserve memory, but that limits the size you can print your picture.

Next, take the photo in the best light possible. Extreme back-lighting (especially outdoors) is hard to fix. We will do our best to edit your photos to look their best, but sometimes the data just isn’t there to work with, especially with dark shadows or very harsh light.

Finally, it’s important that you get the original photo, as your phone’s camera took it, to us for printing. Do not send the picture by text. Your phone automatically scales down a picture that is sent by text to about one tenth the original size. It will still look good on your phone, but it probably won’t look as good printed 8” x 10” (or larger!). Emailing the photo is the easiest way to preserve the integrity of the picture. Often, when you are sending the photo via email, you will be asked what size attachment to use. (My iPhone says “Small”, “Medium”, “Large”, and “Actual Size”.) Choose “Actual Size”, or the largest format offered.

You can send your photos to, but please include your name, contact info, and the quantity, number, and your preferred paper type (or canvas!) for your prints.

Don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions, or stop in (with your phone) to see what we can do with your photos!

This is an iPhone photo, but printed and framed, it looks as good as any snapshot from a traditional digital camera!

Phone Photo Framed


Holiday Hours

Merry Christmas and Happy 2016 from your No Naked Walls Family!

No Naked Walls will be closed Christmas Day – New Years Day, but feel free to call (727-841-6948) or email ( if you urgently need to pick something up.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas sign

No Naked Walls can help you with gift ideas for all occasions!

The experts at No Naked Walls can:

Print Your Photos on Paper

Print Your Photos on Canvas

Restore Old Photos

Make Copies Or Enlargements of Your Favorite Images

& Frame Them Too!


But hurry in, time is running out!

Mat Sale – stock up on cheap mats

mat sales

No Naked Walls is having a Mat Sale – stock up on cheap mats today! Buy whole sheets and cut them yourself, or bring in your specs and have them cut precisely by machine (cost is $4.00 per window)

These mats are perfect for decorative art and crafts, and would be great for packaging prints too!

This is a close-out event, hurry in before they’re gone!

Mat Sale – stock up on cheap mats

We’re Back!

valiani collage

Your No Naked Walls family is back and ready to frame!

Erica took a trip to Italy while the shop was closed for summer vacation, and she’s working on getting her photos ready to print and put up on the walls. While in Florence, she had the opportunity to visit the Valiani Computerized Mat Cutter factory. Nico Valiani graciously gave Erica, her three friends (and two dogs!) a tour of the offices, where they met the family and staff, the showroom, where they saw new products and models, the factory, where the machines are built, and around the rows and rows of parts, tools, and equipment. After the tour, Nico packed all four visitors (plus the two dogs) in the company van, and took everyone to a wonderful lunch in the beautiful medieval city of Certaldo. Thank you, Nico for your outstanding hospitality, and for making the best mat cutters available!

Here are some snapshots from Italy:

View of Mount Vesuvius from the airplane, flying into Naples

vesuvius plane

Ruins of the city of Herculaneum (with cloud covered Mount Vesuvius in the background)


A view of the Amalfi Coast

amalfi coast




peekin pisa



Laundry day in Tuscany


San Gimignano street at night

tuscany night

Tuscan Hills from terracotta tiled terrace

tuscany hills

One of many gorgeous Cathedrals


If you have vacation pictures (even on your smartphone) that you’d like to remember forever, bring them in to be printed and framed today!