Framing Cross Stitches and other Textiles

What a difference a frame makes!

We frame needlework, 100% without glue. Sewing, lacing, and pinning the fabric is much more labor intensive than tapes, glues, and self-adhesive mounting, but in the future, if you wish to re-frame, wash, or make any other changes to the work, our methods are all reversible. Not so with glue! Plus spots of glue can show through the front of the work, and/or change color, especially with age!

Here are two cross stitched pieces mounted onto foamcore and pinned:

Pinned Cross Stitches

And here are the same two pieces triple matted and framed:

Framed Music Cross StitchFramed Piano Cross Stitch

Framing Cross Stitches and other Textiles takes a little more time and effort than works of art on paper, but the extra care we take with them preserves them for years to come!