Adding Dimension to Art with Open V-Grooves

Take a look at the matting on this Giclee entitled “Kevin the Green Sea Turtle”, by Artist Justin Giacobbi:


How many mats do you see?

It almost looks like four, but there are really only two, with the added element of an open V-groove. An open V-groove is created by making two additional cuts into the mat, all the way around the artwork, allowing the bottom mat to show through a second time. An open V-groove can be done for a small fee, usually much less than adding a third or fourth mat. That’s a lot of bang for your buck!

An open V-groove is a great element to add if you are trying to make a smaller picture fit into a larger frame, without leaving a lot of “empty” space between the art and the frame. s

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Giclees of “Kevin” are available framed and unframed at No Naked Walls!

Adding Dimension to Art with Open V-Grooves