Photo Restoration: Make the Old Look Like New!

Photo Restoration is a service that can breathe new life into your pictures.

Are your pictures looking a little duller than they used to? Sometimes we don’t notice when a piece of art we see every day begins to fade.¬† Now is the time to have them restored! (Or protected with Conservation Materials to stop the fading before it’s too late.)

Here is a photo that the experts at No Naked Walls! scanned, restored, and re-framed, so it can be enjoyed for another 20 years:


Flowers Before


Flowers after

Another beautiful restoration project complete!

In the case of these Van Gogh prints, the customer opted to replace the old, faded prints with new ones (for only $8.00 each!)


Cafe Before


Cafe After


Bridge Before


Bridge After



Framing Photographs

If you are lucky enough to find a great portrait photographer, take the time to have your favorite shots enlarged and framed after your session. It’s easy to say “I have the digital files, I can print them later”, but few things are more special, (and worthy of your time and resources) than a quality family portrait. This beautiful example is a newborn portrait by Paula Showen. See more of her outstanding work here:

Annika framed

For this precious portrait, mats were cut with custom decorative corners to enhance the Victorian details of the beads and lace in the image. The narrow pink accent mat was chosen to match the customer’s room, and the soft pink tones of the frame compliment the baby’s rosy skin. Archival Mats, Conservation Glass, and an Acid-free mount board¬† were selected to ensure the photo lasts a lifetime.